Automatic Persisted Queries

Benjamin RabierBenjamin Rabier
Automatic Persisted Queries

In our pursuit of delivering best in class performance for GraphQL APIs deployed at the edge, we just added support for Automatic Persisted Queries.

Instead of sending the query document repeatedly:

{ "query": "query { __typename }" }

you can persist it for later use by hashing the contents:

{ "query": "query { __typename }", "extensions": { "persistedQuery": { "version": 1, "sha256Hash": "4ef8d269e7944ef2cd6554ecb3d73164546945cf935806933448905abec554e5" } } }

The next time you want to execute the same query, you can omit the query field and pass the hash instead:

{ "extensions": { "persistedQuery": { "version": 1, "sha256Hash": "4ef8d269e7944ef2cd6554ecb3d73164546945cf935806933448905abec554e5" } } }

To benefit the most from our Edge Caching feature, you can also send HTTP GET requests instead of POST requests to cache responses using the Grafbase Global Edge Network:

# With the query document curl --get '' \ --data-urlencode 'query=query { __typename }' \ --data-urlencode 'extensions={"persistedQuery":{"version":1,"sha256Hash":"4ef8d269e7944ef2cd6554ecb3d73164546945cf935806933448905abec554e5"}}' # Without the query document curl --get '' \ --data-urlencode 'extensions={"persistedQuery":{"version":1,"sha256Hash":"4ef8d269e7944ef2cd6554ecb3d73164546945cf935806933448905abec554e5"}}'